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Movement can feel good!

Overcome pain and breakthrough plateaus with more ease and less stress.

About you

We might be a fit if you:

  • experience persistent pain, stiffness or injuries.
  • feel stuck or continue hitting plateaus.
  • struggle with fatigue or overwhelm.
  • seek more freedom and comfort in your body.
  • want cultivate more energy and more calm at the same time.
  • enjoy learning about yourself and your body.

We might be perfect for each other if you:

  • are tired of the “no pain, no gain” approach to health and fitness.
  • want to change your current habits or movement routine.
  • enjoy digging into details.
  • have experienced burnout after pushing too hard for too long.
  • seek healing that integrates your body, mind and spirit.

To find out how I can help you, schedule a free phone consultation.

About me

Hello, I’m Gabriel, and I’ve been teaching movement and health for over a decade. I help people understand how pain and dysfunctional patterns are caused stress and trauma held in the body. My clients move better by releasing tension. The result is less tightness, more flow and greater athleticism – despite aging or injury. You’ll gain functional strength and mobility, as well as improved connection in mind, body and spirit.

Here you’ll find information on Movement Coaching (kinesiology), Tai Chi classes, Dance Training and also all upcoming Events and Workshops.

You can read reviews from physiotherapists, dancers and clients like you.

There are also a bunch of free lessons to help you move better today.

To get my home strength and mobility program to start feeling less tight and more connected for free, enter your email below.

For more details on my story, read my about page.

Thanks for being here! I hope to help you feel more connected.

Learn Qigong for Grounding

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