Coach Gabriel

Kinesiologist, Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Tai Chi Instructor

Gabriel has been teaching health and movement for over ten years. He has a proven track record helping people achieve their activity goals by increasing functional stability and mobility. In his sessions you can expect: full-body exercises, sport-specific conditioning, joint rehab, breathwork and movement education.

Before becoming a Kinesiologist, Gabriel worked as a EMT (paramedic) in both field and hospital settings.

Gabriel’s mission is to empower our coming together on the path of self-discovery, integration and transcendence to help us connect more deeply with our true nature.

  • B.Sc. Kinesiology
  • Yang family Tai Chi Instructor
  • Kinetic Link Training
  • Franklin Method Fascia Trainer
  • Sports Nutrition Coach
  • Taiji Fit / Taiji Flow
  • Black Belt, Shaolin Kung Fu
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Swing Literacy Training

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