Reduce stress and chronic pain through mindful movement. Learn natural body mechanics to enhance performance and recovery.


Kinesiology / Exercise Physiology

P1050559Professional 1-on-1 Training

Improve your posture.

Correct movement quality for rehab/prehab.

Receive custom exercises for home practice.

Progress with evidence-based program.

Book an initial 90 minute session – Move with me!

Yang Family Tai Chi / Qigong

Version 2Gently lubricate every joint.

Train mental focus with meditation exercises.

Reduce stiffness and relieve tension.

Martial arts for centering, listening and softening.

Try it yourself at our next Intro Session!

Host an Event!

Version 3Joint durability.

Mindfulness & active relaxation training.

Corporate classes.

Intro to Tai Chi.

Workshops & series.

Contact me for details.


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