What if you could RECOVER from injury, TRAIN for activity & FIGHT stress - all at the same time?

NEXT WORKSHOP: Tai Chi Push Hands Lesson & Jam - March 7th.

How I can help

Professional Coaching (Kinesiology)

Start with a free consult.
Contact me.

Active recovery for injury rehab and prevention.

Correct posture, reduce aches and pains.

Kinetic Link Training for improved performance.

6-week programs with home exercises.
(Now accepting ICBC!)

Authentic Yang Tai Chi Classes

Version 2
Reserve a free trial class.
Move with me.

Discover flow, find center, create space.

Release muscle tightness and increase mobility.

Transform stress, experience calm.

Martial arts for strength, balance and connection.

Workshops & Events

Version 3
Host an event!
Contact me.

Yang Tai Chi (Taijiquan) Intro Workshops.

Tai Chi for Health Practitioners.

Qigong and Mindful Movement.

Running, Dancing and Sports Conditioning

~ What Students Are Saying. ~


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