Tai Chi Body online course

Your guide to freedom from pain and a mobile body in 6 weeks

Discover freedom, space and comfort

for your body and your life

“Gabriel gets people moving in ways that lead to practical, functional, and enjoyable healing and growth.”

– Maitiu

Join Free Virtual Tai Chi Classes this month:

Tai Chi Mobility – Tuesday, January 11th, 5:30pm pacific
Tai Chi Stretching – Saturday, January 15th, 10:00am pacific
Tai Chi Flow – Tuesday, January 18th, 5:30pm pacific
Better Balance with Tai Chi – Monday, January 24th, 5:30pm pacific

It’s time to release what’s keeping you stuck.

You want to feel more at home in your body or commit to improving your health, but injuries and patterns keep holding you back.

Let’s work together to discover the root cause of your discomfort and cultivate healthy patterns using a mind-body-spirit integrative approach.

We might be a fit if you:

  • Deal with persistent pain, stiffness or tightness
  • Struggle with stress, anxiety or overwhelm
  • Feel like you have “tried everything” or have hit a plateau using conventional therapies
  • Are ready to slow down and look at yourself
  • Seek long-term health for your body and lifestyle

Book a free 20-minute phone call to see if we’re a fit.

About me

Hello, I’m Gabriel.

I help people who help people.

Health practitioners and people who support others often store stress and trauma in their bodies. I work with you to recover from injuries, rewire old patterns and overcome health challenges so you can show up with more ease and joy for yourself and your community. Together we can create a healthier world.

We might be perfect for each other if you:

  • Seek healing that integrates your whole being, including mind, body, the sacred and community
  • Want support that respects your deep wisdom and inner healing power
  • Have personal experience with doing too much then burning out
  • Are a health practitioner, yogi, instructor, counsellor and/or coach

Read more about my background on this page.


Finally break free of pain and stiffness for a fluid, open and capable body.
Come back to your body with movements that feel nourishing and supportive.
Let go of what you’re carrying with active rehab, Tai Chi and Qigong, breathwork, energy work, dance and intuitive movement.


Unwind discomfort and unhealthy behaviours by releasing stress and trauma held in the body. Embody functional patterns by tuning into your deep wisdom and internal motivations. Receive guidance through health coaching, somatic therapy, breathwork, embodiment meditation.


Discover your true nature and reconnect to yourself and the sacred.
Quiet the ego and get out of your own way.
Take a look at yourself with the support of workshops, practices and ceremonies.

Learn Qigong for Grounding

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