Coaching for Caregivers

You can have fulfillment at work, balance in your life and great results for your clients – all with a lot more ease.

When you’ve dedicated your life to caring for others, it can be a challenge to find the support you need. It’s hard to provide the help you are capable of when you are feeling overwhelmed. All that stress and anxiety leads to feeling burnt out, disengaged and even physical pain. By showing up better for ourselves, we also open the door to more space to support others at a much deeper level.

Join me on a journey of personal transformation to help you find balance. Together we’ll get to the root of what’s keeping you stuck, release old wounds and cultivate healthier patterns. You’ll find clarity by tuning into your body and healing that integrates your body, mind and soul.

To learn more, book a Discovery Session. It’s a free 30-minute phone call where we’ll explore the next steps on your healing journey.

Coach Gabriel
Over the past 15 years I have helped people in all kinds of health professions.
Learn more on my About page.
Sessions can be arranged in-person or virtual.

Those who benefit most are often:

  • Health professionals who struggle with stress, anxiety or burnout.
  • People who seek more fulfillment and engagement in their lives and career.
  • Those who are ready to slow down and look at the source of their unwanted habits and patterns.
  • Healers who seek support on their path of healing and awakening.

This is probably not for you if you:

  • Are not willing to be open and vulnerable.
  • Don’t want to be lovingly challenged.
  • Are not ready to make a change.
  • Are not willing to put in work on your own.

Book a Discovery Session

A free 30-minute phone call where we’ll explore the next steps on your healing journey.


Coaching Deep Dive

3 Sessions
We’ll go deep to explore what’s really holding you back and move stress/trauma held in the body to help you show up better for yourself and your clients.
(save $40)

Phone Coaching Sessions

Best Value
You get coaching at a fraction of the cost. I get to move around while we talk. I’ll take notes and send followup resources as necessary. Feel free to record.

Movement & Healing Sessions

Active Rehab + Coaching
Best for those with physical pain. Get personalized support with sessions that combine movement with healing to pinpoint your exact needs.

Get Tools for Pain, Stress and Anxiety

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