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Tai Chi Body

A 6-week online course for less pain, greater mobility and freedom of movement the Tai Chi way. Receive an introduction to ancient Tai Chi secrets that are immediately applicable, without having to dedicate years learning the entire discipline.

The Difference:

You can increase functional strength, mobility and athleticism despite injuries…without the “no pain, no gain” mindset.

If you’re struggling with discomfort no matter what you try, it may be time for an entirely different approach.

Most training systems and rehab modalities have limited results because they either isolate body parts or treat the body like a machine.

Experience integrative movement. You’ll learn fascia training for the all the connective tissues, including the nervous system.

We’ll identify dysfunctional movement patterns caused by stress that is held as physical tension to break through plateaus and discover movement that feels good!

Coach Gabriel
Practicing Kinesiologist
Clinical Exercise Physiologist
High-Performance Specialist
Access virtual training from anywhere in the world.

Those who benefit most are often:

  • People who hate working out or realize that their workouts are causing them pain.
  • Dancers who want to improve performance and reduce injuries.
  • Yogis who seek to learn more about movement and breathwork.
  • Hyper-mobile individuals who need to increase stability.
  • Older adults who are looking to train smarter for athletics.
  • Injured clients who want to progress from physiotherapy to sports.

This is probably not for you if:

  • All you want is a workout. (I’ll ask you to “work in” and learn about yourself)
  • You’re looking for a quick fix. (You’ll feel better after the first session, but lasting improvement requires conditioning, aka time.)
  • You’re not willing to change. (your training methods, habits, thought patterns)
  • You’re not willing to practice outside of sessions. (10-20 minutes of daily practice greatly speeds progress)

Schedule a free consultation

Book a 20-minute phone call to see if we’re a fit before you commit.



3 Sessions
Get started with a functional movement assessment and two followup sessions.
(save $60)


More Support, Better Value
Progress faster when you commit to weekly training. You’ll also receive video lessons to practice with at home and a discounted session rate.


For the Self-Motivated
A private session every month which includes a reassessment and program instructions to progress on your own. Video critiques also available.

“Coach Gabriel is an amazing teacher and professional kinesiologist. I worked with him privately for a month and I find that I am stronger, walking better, have greater balance and control in my dancing. Plus an awareness and understanding of the body that is invaluable. His classes are terrific, and paced extremely well. He is professional in all of his videos and activities. I HIGHLY recommenced his work for all , especially dancers.”

— Lauren Kearns

“A comprehensive approach to gradually becoming more knowledgeable, aware, stronger and more flexible in your body. Lifelong healthy ability to move well is the goal. Gabriel is a great instructor. He is cheerful, helpful and brings so much knowledge and experience in different forms of movement to the sessions.”

— Judi Quail

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