Dance Training

How I can help:

Don’t let pain and injury hold you back! By improving your functional strength, mobility and body mechanics, you can upgrade your dance…without the “no pain, no gain” mindset.

If you’re feeling stuck, hitting a plateau, or continuing to receive the same feedback from your instructor, it’s time to assess your conditioning.

With expert guidance, you’ll pinpoint your specific needs and learn integrative exercises that train all the connective tissues exactly how they need to work together for dance.

We’ll identify dysfunctional movement patterns caused by stress that is held as physical tension to break through plateaus and discover movement that feels good!

Coach Gabriel
Practicing Kinesiologist
Certified Performance Specialist
Dance Instructor (West Coast Swing)
Access virtual training from anywhere in the world.

Those who benefit most:

  • Dancers who want to resolve pain and improve performance.
  • Hyper-mobile individuals who need to increase stability.
  • Dancers who feel like they’re hitting a plateau or continue to receive the same feedback from instructors.
  • People seeking to dissolve stiffness and release tension.
  • Those who want to learn about their bodies for more freedom and better connection with themselves.

What’s in store:

  • Private movement coaching to help you feel more strong, comfortable and confident.
  • Correct dysfunctional movement patterns to speed your learning and enhance your progress.
  • Combine modalities from kinesiology, dance, tai chi and breathwork for conditioning that integrates the mind, body and spirit.
  • Identify stress that’s stored as tension so you can break through and find the freedom to move forward.
  • Virtual and in-person options.
  • New specialized workshops and classes every month!

Schedule a free consultation

A free 30-minute phone call where we’ll explore the next steps on your healing journey (whether that’s working with me or not).

Strengthen your posture, hips and shoulder for dance
Ease pain in your feet and ankles
Integrative strength for less pain and better connection
Improv West Coast Swing Demo

“Coach Gabriel is an amazing teacher and professional kinesiologist. I worked with him privately for a month and I find that I am stronger, walking better, have greater balance and control in my dancing. Plus an awareness and understanding of the body that is invaluable. His classes are terrific, and paced extremely well. He is professional in all of his videos and activities. I HIGHLY recommenced his work for all , especially dancers.”

— Lauren Kearns

“A comprehensive approach to gradually becoming more knowledgeable, aware, stronger and more flexible in your body. Lifelong healthy ability to move well is the goal. Gabriel is a great instructor. He is cheerful, helpful and brings so much knowledge and experience in different forms of movement to the sessions.”

— Judi Quail

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