Embodied Integration Programs

You can transform pain into comfort and strength, discover self-healing and growth, and make a greater impact with more ease.

“I was able to heal my chronic pain and overcome my self-limiting beliefs, which resulted in much less anxiety and contributed to a promotion at work.”

– Erin

The best investment is always in yourself.

Showing up at your best requires that we prioritize time and space to reflect, heal and grow physically, mentally and spiritually. Sadly, most people never answer this call. They spend their energy struggling to satisfy one external demand after another, never truly getting to know themselves enough to bring forward their gifts. This internal friction leads to pain, over-giving, over-doing and eventually injury or burnout.

Unfortunately most programs are either superficial or isolated. True shifts require a holistic approach that integrates the whole person, accepting all of our parts. In this program, you will learn to honour your deep knowing and alignment. You will release energetic blockages that keep you stuck in old patterns. You will learn exercises that connect the whole body and mind. And you’ll do it within a supportive container and community.

If you know that your physical and mental health are linked, and that you’re ability to make a difference for others depends on your ability to show up for yourself, then you’re ready for Embodied Integration. Together we’ll chart a course towards healing and growth that will create a positive impact for your life and those who depend on you.

This program is great if you:

  • Struggle with persistent pain or injury
  • Feel burnt out, overwhelmed
  • Suspect your pain is related to over-doing, over-giving or mental health
  • Battle with the same old habits and patterns
  • Feel disengaged from your body
  • Feel stuck in your health and wellness practice
  • Know that your ability to care for others is limited by your own healing, growth and self-care
  • Feel alone in your health journey

You will:

  • Break free of persistent pain or injuries
  • Refresh your exercise and mindfulness routine
  • Learn to listen to your body’s deep intelligence
  • Release old habits and patterns that are holding you back
  • Strengthen your boundaries and self-care
  • Transform physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Get expert guidance along the way
  • Develop relationships to support your journey
  • Make a greater impact for your clients and community
  • Grow your health and wellness practice

You’ll receive:

  • 6 months coaching program
  • 25 private sessions
  • Initial assessment
  • 24/7 support and accountability (via Voxer)
  • Access to peer support network
  • Personal exercise program with progressions
  • Fascia conditioning
  • Mind/body education
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Qigong energy healing
  • Journal prompts
  • Custom video lessons
  • BONUS: One multi-week online course
    (Tai Chi Foundations or Stability & Mobility Basics)

Investment for the full 6-month program:
$3,497.00 (or $597/mo)

Save money when you pay the full amount.

Not sure yet? To learn more, book a free discovery session.


When does the program start?

As soon as your ready – which could mean right now!
After you sign up I’ll be in touch shortly to arrange our weekly sessions and send you all the information about where to access support.

How do I get more support?

We use the messaging app Voxer to host our community discussions. This is the first place to go to ask questions, arrange meet-ups or share wins. I monitor the group chat, and this is the preferred place for questions. You can also send questions to me through Voxer in our private chat.

Is it possible to purchase this program as a gift?

YES! But this is an exception. It’s important that all program participants are fully engaged. Contact me to see if this is an option for you.

Gabriel Shaw
Embodiment coach, Kinesiologist, Tai Chi & Qigong instructor

I help people who help people.

I’ve spent the last twenty years studying with some of the world’s experts in movement, meditation, energy healing (qigong), psychology, spirituality and personal growth. This allows me to put that same discipline and exploration to work in discovering the most effective steps on your healing journey.

Read more on my about page.

“I’ve never met anyone with Gabriel’s combination of gifts and skills that help me heal in such a holistic way.” – Robyn

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